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Published and/or preprint

  1. Nature Communications 2017 — on disorder enabled band structure engineering of a topological insulator surface.
  2. Nature Communications 2016 — on the dual nature of magnetic dopants and competing trends in topological insulators.
  3. PNAS 2016 — on fractional charge and inter-Landau-level states at points of singular curvature.
  4. arXiv:1311.7149 — on a semiclassical theory of viscosity in quantum Hall states.
  5. PRB 2014 — on diffusive transport in Weyl semimetals.
  6. PRL 2013 — on how the inter-vortex tunneling amplitude of Majorana fermions in a chiral p-wave superconductor is modified due to the superconducting phase profile.
  7. PRL 2012 — on the STM imaging of impurity resonances on Bismuth Selenide. We use theory from our earlier PRB 2010.
  8. Dissertation — Explorations in Dirac Fermions and Spin Liquids.
  9. PRB 2011 — a new kind of spin liquid state on the triangular lattice with spin one Majorana excitations. This is also a new paradigm for constructing spin liquid states.
  10. PRB 2011 — on the effects of step edges on surface states of strong topological insulators.
  11. PRB 2011 — on the exponential behavior of low voltage charge transport in thin organic films.
  12. PRB 2010 — on the modification of LDOS near a local impurity on the surface of a Strong Topological Insulator. We were the first to point out via a geometric argument that nontrivial RKKY interactions between magnetic impurities randomly deposited on topological insulator surfaces conspire to induce an out-of-plane ferromagnetic order at low temperatures. This leads to an electronic energy gap opening at the surface (see also this paper).
  13. arXiv:1005.4780 — on the effects of step edges on surface states of generic materials as well as strong topological insulators. I have decided to leave these online as a set of pedagogical notes. Please cite these if they are useful, and also point me to other cool examples that I can include.
  14. arXiv:1002.4203 — some thoughts on phase fluctuations in finite thickness disordered superconducting thin films.
  15. PRB 2009 — on the modification of LDOS near a local impurity in clean graphene, in the presence of a magnetic field.
  16. PRB 2007 — on the electronic response to a bare charge in clean undoped graphene, including the effects due to exchange interactions. We were the first to argue (see also PRB 2006) to all orders in perturbation theory that there is no screening of the Coulomb charge.
  17. PRL 2007 — on an old problem of Taylor dispersion in the presence of absorbing boundaries.
  18. PRB 2006 — on the response of various spin liquids to spin vacancies.